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Florida Wind/Hurricane Damage Claims

Assistance with Wind/Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims

Hurricane Damage Insurance ClaimsIn addition to dealing with the aftermath of a torrential windstorm or hurricane, facing an insurance dispute can leave you desperate for an answer. Although you can file a claim for your property damage and loss, many claims get denied or devalued based on hurricane or wind damage.  Other claims go unresponded to due to high claims activity leaving some insureds feeling helpless.

At The Haynes Law Firm, located in Brandon, Florida, we help clients throughout the State of Florida obtain compensation for property damages or loss due to hurricanes or windstorms. With over fourteen years of experience in insurance law, we can help you fully understand your insurance policy and effectively protect your rights in insurance bad faith claims.  We can also assist you so that you are not ignored and that your claim is responded to on a timely basis.

Issues Involving Wind or Hurricane Damage

One of the issues involved with wind or hurricane damage is finding someone who can mitigate or reduce your damages before filing a claim. Outlined in the "Duties After Losses" section of your insurance policy, there are several things that you must do to prevent property damages in the event of a hurricane or windstorm to keep your claim from being devalued or denied.  As your attorney, we have access to professionals who can assist you in preventing further damage to your property which will prevent the insurance company from claiming you did not comply with the duty to mitigate or reduce your loss and therefore limit your coverage.

Another issue is obtaining a fair settlement from your insurance company for the damages you have suffered. We can also help you determine what kind of insurance coverage you have that will best suit your needs in repairing damages or recovering losses. In cases where your home or property is inhabitable, you may also have coverage to move out of the premises.

Generally following windstorm or hurricanes, insurance companies use CAT (catastrophe) adjusters to handle claims for property damages. These adjusters handle hundreds of claims and sometimes don't have the experience necessary to property handle a windstorm loss.  By letting a devoted lawyer handle your case earlier, we can assist by ensuring your claim is handled promptly and properly so you won't just become a number.

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